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Emma Noguchi

Emma is passionate about unleashing potential in leaders, she does that by enhancing their clarity and self-awareness

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Sensitive about diversity and inclusion, she supports leadership teams in various organizations being more caring and inclusive. She does it with a blend of kindness and candor to address what is at the core.

Emma is a master certified coach (ICF) and leads her own practice of coaching and facilitating leadership teams for the past decade. She also runs a Coaching Institute to certify managers and leaders in coaching skills.

With 15+ years in advertising, marketing, and HR consulting, Emma's background includes roles in Japan and globally. Previously, she was regional director in several multinationals. Her qualifications include MCC ICF, Conversational Intelligence, Narrative Coaching, Team Coaching and Insights Discovery (IDP). She holds a Master in Law. Based primarily in Singapore (Asia) she also spends more time in Europe (France).