All the coaches have spent decades developing and refining their capacity to sense/read/feel into clients, and creating a warm, safe space that will help you bring and refine your feeling attention to your interior

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Mary Aver

Mary has been teaching and experiencing transformation both personally and with her clients, for over 40 years. Her passion is in how we transcend our limitations and know that we are much more than our logical minds.

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Hadassa Degani

Hadassa is the founder of Tree of Healing, deeply committed to the art of healing and transformation. She specializes in leveraging Chinese medicine, organizational coaching, and mentoring to facilitate positive changes in the lives of both children and adults.

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Nicholas Janni – Programme Director

Nicholas has devoted his life to studying and teaching the development of human potential since an awakening at the age of 16

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Tom Fortes Mayer

Harley St therapist, social entrepreneur, psychology author, business coach, creator of the award-winning FreeMind self-therapy app and creator of the FreeMind system which is a ground-breaking approach to overcoming self-sabotage and self-doubt

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Nir Megnazi

Nir is a leadership development expert, a leadership coach (PCC), and the creator of Intel's flagship coaching program for senior managers. The program's results are a cornerstone for Intel winning the ICF Prism award.

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Emma Stacey

Her journey and practice is one of embodiment - seeking to reconnect the rational mind to somatic experience - with creativity and compassion

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Malcolm Stern

An executive coach and organisational trainer. His clients include large multi-national companies. He is a coach for Inspeyer.

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Joey Walters

A transformational coach, circle facilitator and social entrepreneur, Joey’s body of work has been inspired over 20 years by systemic, nature-based wisdom, somatic healing and her passion to re-awaken feminine wisdom in the world