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Ger Daly

Ger is a coach and facilitator, specialising in deep transformational coaching, meditation and breathwork. This work focuses on personal development and transformation for leaders

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Ger’s hunger for deeper awakening and transformation in himself, enables him to guide others on this same journey. He holds space for leaders to melt the frozen blocks of trauma, that are the biggest obstacles to their fullest potential.

While working as a TV News Studio Director and triggered by years of high stress in a toxic work environment, Ger began to explore meditation, breathwork, and energy awareness. So began the journey of awakening and healing for Ger, that would take him to mountain tops and ancient temples of the Himalayas, and to the greatest depths of himself.

Now, over a decade later, Ger is committed to supporting all those called to embark this journey, one that has the possibility to fundamentally change their lives.