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Picture of Leader as Healer in person retreat: South Africa event


In person

Leader as Healer in person retreat: South Africa

Jul 21, 2024 - Jul 24, 2024
Nicholas Janni


In person

Organized by Shine and Matrix Development.

Please see the details and how to enrol in the below document.

In this retreat you will be supported to break through to new levels of yourself, your leadership and your impact as a change, transformation catalyst.

You will discover the power of bringing all parts of yourself to the table in cohesion - body, mind, heart and soul, thus activating the ‘whole-self intelligence’ that is needed to navigate and contribute in the most positive way to your life, to your organisation, and to the world in these increasingly unstable and dangerous times.

You will learn to be the enabler of individual and team transformation in an entirely new way.

The introduction and invitation by Nicholas Janni

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