Catalysing the future


We live in unprecedented, stormy and chaotic times.

What brought us to where we are is not what will take us forward. It will only perpetuate more of the same, or worse.

Through our programmes you can break through to entirely new levels of yourself, and your impact as a catalyst for change. Develop and deepen the multi-level capacities needed to navigate and contribute in the most positive way to your life, and to the world.

Our vision is a world in which individuals and organisations commit to an alignment of body, mind, heart and soul, include and transcend self-interest, and serve the highest evolutionary intelligence.

We offer different programmes for individuals, practitioners, and leaders in various levels of engagements, according to your calling.

The heart of the Matrix Academy is the pioneering teaching of Nicholas Janni, the author of Business Book of the Year 2023 with the title 'Leader as Healer – a new paradigm for 21st century leadership'.

The Principles

The MATRIX ACADEMY addresses the critical question of what it means and takes to become stable bearers of Coherence, Light and Hope in these increasingly chaotic, unstable and dangerous times.

'To be a Blessing' is the core aspiration of 'Leader as Healer'. To become an unshakable Stillness within the storm.

We understand that at the core of the current global turmoil is the materialistic, individualistic version of Reality, held in place by our identity with a separate sense of self.

This separation leads to a dualistic, subject/object version of Reality and a profound alienation that is rooted in lack and scarcity, fundamentally devoid of Love, Belonging and an intrinsic well-being that is not dependent on anything exterior.

In the face of that alienation we are driven to look endlessly outside for safety and belonging, and endless, insatiable and completely impossible quest.

Since time immemorial, the great sages of all the world’s traditions have told us with one voice that this version is incorrect, and in the last hundred years the new fields of quantum science have confirmed this. Both timeless wisdom and modern physics tell us unequivocally that the true nature of Reality is pure Unity, pure, infinite Light, and that everything else is a complex, endless series of veils that obscure the Unity, repeatedly pulling us into identification with separateness.

Many paths, East and West, have proposed that the solution to this is to go ‘up’, as it were, to ignore the world as it is and to reside more and more in the rarefied fields of Light that are attainable through committed spiritual practices.

While deeply respecting the depth and extensive mapping of the higher possibilities of human consciousness that those paths have brought to humanity, we align with the paths that hold that the Light has to come right down here, right down into the very cells of our body.

This calls us individually and in community to commit to developing the resilience and devotion needed to see and wholeheartedly meet every single part and corner of our separate identities, so that they may ‘unwind’ and naturally, dissolve into the Light that is the true nature of Reality.

These parts are buried deep in our subconscious, and have to be met on cognitive, somatic and subtle energetic levels.

We wholeheartedly embrace key principles of the “great Wisdom traditions": Whatever part of ‘dark’ is met with Light, dissolves into Light. Since the Light is by its nature Infinite, any degree of ‘dark’, however big it seems to be, is tiny by comparison with the Infinity of Light.

To Realise the truth of this experientially is a game-changer, and the commitment to living and practicing this principle recodes our nervous system, bringing us step by step back home to a world of love and abundance beyond any influence from outside ourselves, and beyond anything the separate self can imagine.

The MATRIX ACADEMY offers different programmes, online and in person, that chart the theoretical and practical application of these principles.

©Nicholas Janni, June 2024

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