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Welcome to a new vision of leadership. This powerful training is designed to give leaders and leadership teams the frameworks and practices that will take your work to new levels of coherence, service and impact. The leadership that is needed now in these ever more turbulent times.


The Leader as Healer operates from an inner foundation of multi-level connectedness and builds high performance cultures accordingly.

The programme provides the frameworks and practices to make this a reality. Individual leaders will be enabled to take your leadership to a completely new level of impact and effectiveness. Teams will gain the significant added value of a power of mutual connection and coherence.

Details of the upcoming Leader as Healer in person retreats - July 2024 in Johannesburg, SA & October 2024 in Puglia, Italy

Highest Performance

Enables an organisation both to move towards its highest performance potential, and to become a positive agent of contribution to society.

Strategic & Emotional Balance

Has highly developed rational and strategic capacities but has also developed their emotional selves and their relational intelligence.

Being & Doing

Operates from an integration of Being and Doing, right and left brain, pro-activity and receptivity, rationality and intuition.

Integration & Connectedness

Has explored and sufficiently integrated wounded parts of themselves. Builds cultures of ‘Presence’ on a foundation of connectedness.

Nurturing and Regenerative

Creates a work culture that is nurturing and regenerative for employees and communities, in which people naturally give the best of themselves.

The Scalpel vs The Blunt Sword

Uses power as a precise scalpel rather than a blunt sword, excising ‘tumours’ from teams and organisations while, like all good surgeons, doing minimum damage to the body.

Higher Consciousness

Learns to access higher levels of consciousness and innovative capacity. Establishes a consistent inner connection to Silence.


Restores an embodied, grounded Presence that transmits: “I’m here, and I’m available”.

To conclude:

The training is above all designed to support you to embed these qualities into your lived daily reality.

There is nothing more inspiring and nothing more urgent than leaders who embody the very best of rational thinking while operating from a deeper level of wisdom and intelligence.

The core aspiration of Leader as Healer is 'To Be a Blessing', to be an unshakable harbour of stillness within the storms.

Our future is at stake.

The time is Now.