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Get Hired by LinkedIn: Micromanagement

Recently I was asked to contribute to a piece on Micromanagement published in Get Hired by LinkedIn https://lnkd.in/d6DPWKSA

Here is my full text:

Micromanagement is one of the many dysfunctional symptoms of our corporate cultures in which doing and the left brain eclipse being and the right brain, and sensing, feeling, intuiting and the transpersonal are distant dots on the horizon of our consciousness.

In particular, it is sourced from what I call the ‘Inner Control Department’, whose CEO is charged with reducing everything to manageable and predictable detail, in a futile effort to gain some kind of illusory security in the face of the intensity of the ever changing pulse and ebb and flow of life. This department is a relic of the antiquated business model that sees people and organisations as mechanical parts, subject to rational manipulation and control.

To step away from this self-imposed prison, every leader needs to engage seriously and humbly with self-development that has two streams. One is the practice of meditation, mindfulness and the body practices such as yoga, qigong or a martial art, in order to break the obsession with thinking, and restore it to its correct function as a servant rather than a master, as Einstein asked of us. This is a stream of awakening.

The other is to recognise the extent to which the dysfunctional parts of our adult personalities are formed by our unintegrated childhood experiences of hurt and wounding, as well as intergenerational trauma patterns, and to find mentors who are able to work with the healing of these.

Then we will have leaders who are rooted in the river of life, and who create cultures that support the collective flow and natural intelligence of life, and who understand that, far from trying to control it, the urgency now is to learn how to be servants of it.

These are what I call Leader as Healer Nicholas Janni